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How to steer clear of average and worst online reputation managers?

Mediocre and below-average companies use black-hat practices to improve the online reputation of their clients within a short period. Stray away from businesses that employ the following techniques:

  1. Astroturfing – Involves creating a fake account on review websites to write positive reviews and boost ratings.
  2. Fake websites or content – Involves launching fake websites and blogs to cover up negative things about a brand when users search for a specific business online.
  3. Keyword stuffing – Involves packing as many keywords as possible into a website’s blogs and metadata to increase search rankings.

Link spamming, invisible text, and spambots are a few unethical practices used by average and unreliable digital marketing companies. We help our clients by connecting them with the reputation management expert companies that use white-hat tactics.

Can I handle online reputation management on my own?

While you may be able to try some online reputation management strategies on your own, it can take several hours and lots of resources to achieve the results that a professional can deliver. As an entrepreneur, you may have your hands filled with several vital responsibilities, leaving you with very little time to monitor and manage your business’s online reputation.

If you consider hiring a reputation manager in-house, the salary you pay them will be several folds higher than what you pay a digital marketing firm. To sum it up, it may be a wiser choice to leave online reputation management to professionals.

Choose the best reputation management company

Finding an online reputation specialist can be an intimidating process requiring a lot of time, effort, and research. Here’s some advice on choosing the best public relations firm online for your business:

  1. Determine your needs and goals

Try to get a clear understanding of your business goals before you start searching for an online reputation management service. A thorough understanding of your primary objective can help you narrow down your search and find the best online reputation management company.

  1. Look at an online reputation management company’s customer service

When you contact a firm for a consultation, try to assess the way they treat you. Steer clear of businesses that hard sell their services and do not really show interest in listening to your concerns. Besides, make sure to hire a reputation management company that is 100% transparent and delivers honest feedback to its clients from time to time.

  1. Stray away from black hat practices

Avoid businesses that use unethical SEO tactics to deliver quick results. Black-hat practices may not only harm your online search rankings but can cause search engines to ban your website. Be sure to research and find out what the previous clients of an online reputation firm have to say about its services and representatives.

Your search for the best online reputation management experts ends here. Online Reputation Expert is a helpline service for finding reputation management agencies. We help our clients find a digital marketing agency that can cater to their needs without breaking their bank. Visit our website now for a free assessment.

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