Best Reputation Management Agencies – Tested and Evaluated

Best Reputation Management Agencies
Michelle Pries

Do you want to reach everywhere?

Here on this page, we evaluated all of the top online reputation management agencies to list out the 10 best based on our comprehensive evaluation methodology.

Pick one and make your online presence felt all around the world!

Our Evaluation Methodology:

  1. We evaluate strategies, results, reputation and support of the top online reputation management agencies.
  2. We look for all features offered by each companies.
  3. We compare pricing package and contract options.

Keen on the methodology to choose the top online reputation management agencies? We have it covered here.

Reputation management agencies

Top 10 Reputation Management Agencies

1. eBizUniverse

If you’re serious about your reputation and if you want to prevent loss of business due to the negative mentions, you need to have your reputation repaired regardless of if you are a person or a company.

If you are a business, a negative reputation is probably costing you tens of thousands of dollars in lost business. If you’re an individual a less than stellar online reputation can make it harder for you to find a job. This is why as one of the nation’s leading online reputation repair companies, eBizUniverse has a team of content writers, SEO experts and ORM experts who work hand in hand to push down your negative mentions and to give you a fresh online reputation regardless of if you’re a business or an individual.

Coverage: Nationwide

Free reputation analysis: Yes

Scalability: Superb

Support: First-rate

Content creation: Yes

Positive/negative content: Quashing and removing detrimental content and publishing of positive content on multiple profiles

Straightforwardness of work
Detailed reporting
Quick, positive results
Customizable options

No discounts

  • Quick response via e-mail or phone
  • Highly rated for support
  • Team of trained experts
  • Hundreds of companies using their reputation management services
  • Negative results removed quickly
  • Large boost in positive online reputation

2. Marketing Maven

Marketing Maven is a full service marketing and communications agency with offices in Los Angeles and New York. A premier voice in the industry, Marketing Maven specializes in innovative media relations, social media strategy, brand strategy and activation, creative direction, and much more.

With an extensive list of capabilities, Marketing Maven has built a team comprised of a diverse group of spirited trailblazers who work hard to get the job done.

Coverage: Nationwide

Free reputation analysis: No

Scalability: Average

Web presence: Branding and relations

Social media profiles: Creation and optimization

Negative content: Actively monitor’s review sites

Fast support
Always places clients on national media placements for TV, radio, and magazines

Reporting is thin at times

  • Easy to work with
  • Responds within 24 business hours
  • Staff teaches you instead
  • Proven results in less time
  • Earned 5 stars from hundreds of small companies


Our unique and tested online reputation management solution has allowed us to push down negative press/content from high DA publication websites.

Coverage: Nationwide

Free reputation analysis: Free quote

Scalability: Average

Support: Average

Content creation: Yes

Positive/negative content: Removal of negative content

Award winning company
Certified Google planner
Solid track record of pushing up positive pushing down negative content on Google SERP

Results are slow
Reporting is thin
Won’t discount

  • E-mail and phone support
  • Multiple social channels for getting in contact
  • Dashboard login for clients
  • Negative content suppression for dozens of companies
  • Featured on MSNBC for results

4. Sagefrog

If you offer legal, financial or insurance services, you already understand the value of managing your brand’s reputation. But other business services companies should pay attention to the potential that PR, social media and content marketing have in shaping the way your company is perceived by others. Work with Sagefrog to launch your product the right way, get a handle on your public relations efforts, manage your social presence and interact and educate leads through content.

Coverage: Nationwide

Free reputation analysis: No

Scalability: Above average

Web presence: Webpage creation

Social media profiles: Creation and optimization

Negative content: Publish positive articles

Knowledgeable support staff
Affordable options
Customizable plans

Lack of hospitality
Seemed to be learning on the job and of course billing hours for that learning time

  • Quick responses via social media
  • Various plans to fit different budgets
  • Detailed reporting
  • Assists with launching a business
  • Friendly and professional B2B Marketing Agency
  • Sagefrog always seems to be evolving their craft

5. Reputation Management Consultants

In today’s world, anyone can do a quick credibility check on you or your business online. And they will.

It’s upsetting when your years of hard work are discredited because negative coverage appears online. It’s also frustrating if you’ve made a mistake in the past that you wish to rectify, but can’t.

Coverage: Nationwide

Scalability: Superb

Positive/Negative content: Deletion of negative content; publishing of positive articles across multiple profiles

Web presence: Maintenance of your website

Social media profiles: Creation and publishing of content

Support: Above average

Uses advanced technology to repair your damaged reputation
Award-winning voted by past clients
Featured by over 10 national magazines

Representatives wanted more and more money
Reporting wasn’t quite as detailed
Not part of the Better Business Bureau
Has three complaints filed against it in the past three years
Lack of transparent pricing

  • Quick support via phone and e-mail
  • Inexpensive options
  • Three offices throughout the U.S. to meet client needs
  • Results showcased on 10+ national media outlets

6. Big Leap

We don’t have to tell you that brand reputation management is a tough job. The negativity is relentless, appreciation is seldom, and your task list is a mile and a half long. Let us shoulder most of the weight.

We’ll help you restore your reputation, bury the bad reviews, and shine a more flattering spotlight on your company. All you have to do is report the positive results and soak in the praise.

Coverage: Nationwide

Free reputation analysis: Free quote

Web presence: Content ideation, brand building, social campaign, site optimization

Social media profiles: Creation and maintenance

Support: Above average

Dozens of national chains for clients
Help you restore your reputation
Buries the bad reviews
Shines a more flattering spotlight on your company

Can improve communication
Hire experienced individuals
Speed up their processes

  • Helps small businesses dominate their competition
  • Helps drastically increase organic traffic
  • Strategies have helped to improve online presence
  • Positive engagement led to an increase in rankings and a 10% growth
  • Given a time frame, and they stuck to it

7. Atlas Marketing

With our online reputation marketing management platforms you can be found online easier, convert more leads into sales, and take your existing customers and turn them into life long raving fans and save time in the process.

Coverage: Nationwide

Free reputation analysis: Yes

Positive/Negative content: Actively publish positive content to reduce negative digital footprint

Web presence: Creation and maintenance of website

Social media: Creation and regular publications

Support: Average

Enhances image by using a well-rounded and complete communication strategy
Excellent at managing tasks and communicating with the internal team
Goes above and beyond, delivering quality work in a timely manner

Website(s) they build frequently has bugs
Reporting is lackluster at times

  • Fast communication
  • Transparent about projects and timelines
  • Company values meet individual values
  • Helped entrepreuners fix their online reputations
  • Saved small and medium sized company thousands of dollars for repairing their digital names

8. Net Reputation

We have created exclusive partnerships with high authority domains within Google search results to create positive content associated with your business. By creating positive content we are able to replace the negative search results with positive content you control.

We live in a world which defines our business by what is found online. A positive web presence is essential to the success and growth of any business. You have one reputation, we make sure it’s a good one.

Coverage: Nationwide

Free reputation analysis: Free consult

Negative content: Remove, suppress, repair, and monitor your online presence

Web presence: Creation and maintenance of website

Support: Excellent

Explains processes thoroughly
Responds to e-mail inquires quickly
Flips negative review results in a short time

Harasses people who requested a free consultation
Scams into paying them money to have negative results removed
Work to remove negative results are not being completed, but money is taken

  • Quick e-mail support
  • Earns results in a short(er) time
  • Professional, and the majority of clients receive their intended outcome

9. Thrive Agency

Thrive is a full-service digital marketing agency. We’ve been providing a wide range of services to clients of all industries since 2005. Our digital marketing services include consulting and management options for a variety of online marketing tactics including search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) ads, copywriting, conversion rate optimization (CRO), and more.

Coverage: Nationwide

Free reputation analysis: Yes

Positive/Negative content: Subduing and removal of negative press; publishing of positive articles across various channels

Web presence: Creation and maintenance of website

Social media profiles: Creation and publishing of content

Support: Very good

Small business feel comfortable with them
Adaptable with providing expertise
Customer service and industry knowledge stands out

Tends to be expensive for smaller businesses
Reporting can be lackluster
E-mail communication tends to be slow

  • Detail oriented
  • Transparent
  • Very organized
  • Knowledgeable and competent
  • Propelled the virtually-obscure brand with negative press into the top 10 search results with positive mentions
  • Positive articles have increased and there have been more incoming calls and visits to the website

10. Webimax

WebiMax was voted 2019’s best reputation management service by Since 2008, our reputation management services have won us multiple awards. Our white-glove reputation management services can remove negative content fast! Our reputation monitoring tools will ensure your reputation stays spotless forever.

Coverage: Nationwide

Free reputation analysis: Free consultation

Negative content: Actively monitors review sites

Web presence: Creation and maintenance of website

Support: Above average

Followed through with timeline promises
Trustworthy staff
Treat clients like a close family friend
Quick turnaround

Lack of communication
Lacks transparency when explaining processes to clients
Does not provide detailed reporting
Won’t discount

  • Quick support via e-mail
  • Transformed the image hundreds of clients’ in less time than competitors
  • Proven track record on several reputation management directories

Reputation management agencies play a vital role in the first impression a company makes on potential clients when they search for services online. They work to increase search engine optimization (SEO), protect businesses from negative reviews, and maintain a robust online presence.

We have compiled a Top 10 List of the best reputation management agencies to work with during 2020. Running a successful business in the modern world requires strong online reputation management (ORM) to boost SEO and attract clientele. As you select an ORM agency, you need to look for attributes that will benefit your company as they eliminate misinformation and polish your online presence.

This list provides a comprehensive review of the 10 top ORM agencies. Take the time to weigh the benefits each will have on your business’s SEO, as this will attract customers and increase your return on investment.

Our list of the top 10 Best Reputation Management Agencies (ORM) is a resource for anyone who needs to remove and improve their online reputation. Fixing your online reputation can be completed with the assistance and guidance from one of the Best Online Reputation Management Companies.

If you research the best online reputation management experts you’ll see that it is crucial to your reputation and your success that the ORM company you choose will impact both you and your online reputation moving forward. Since you are reading this, it looks like you already understand the importance of your online reputation.

Some of the best reputation management consultants are ready to assist in maintaining your online reputation today! They will work with you using the best reputation management software to discover and analyze your current online reputation. When their data is collected they will work to remove your bad press and promote positive links and articles to repair your online reputation.

Trust your reputation in the hands of the best individual online reputation management professionals. They have the best review management software there is and these top Top 10 Best Reputation Management Companies are ready to get to work on repairing your online reputation.

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