Your online reputation says a lot about you. Negative comments or reviews from your customers will turn away customers before they even make the transaction. Besides, customers and potential partners will consider doing business with you after viewing your online reputation. But with ORE online reputation management expert by your side, you can have better control over your online reputation leading more customers towards your business.

Proactive V/S Reactive Reputation Management

We as an online reputation specialist utilizes two common approaches for gaining and maintaining a good online reputation for your brand or services.

Proactive and reactive reputation management are two strategies that allow you to create a positive image of your company and also keep an eye out for any negative reviews. So, what is the difference between these two strategies, and what our reputation management experts think is the best among both for achieving your business goals?

Proactive Reputation Management:

Proactive reputation management refers to the idea of developing and creating an image of your brand right from the start before anything harms the reputation of your brand. By utilizing SEO tactics, content marketing, Google Analytics, social media marketing, and other tools, you can manage your digital reputation, gain more productive leads for sale and avoid getting negative reviews from your customers right from the start.

The reputation management expert at ORE online reputation management expert can help you manage your reputation using all the ideal tools for proactive management. Our expert will curate highly engaging online content and marketing strategies that will create a strong positive impression of your brand.

Why Is Proactive ORM Preferred?

  • Proactive reputation management allows you to stay prepared for any forthcoming situation, whether it be a negative comment or a bad review.
  • Often things may not go as planned, and you might have to adjust your reputation management strategies according to your business needs. Proactive ORM is preferred due to its flexible nature.
  • Proactive ORM also allows you to utilize a variety of options like reverse SEO, content removal from Google, and so on.

Reactive Reputation Management:

Reactive reputation management comes into action when things get a bit messy. It is also known as crisis management. Once your business began to receive negative comments and bad reviews, companies, and businesses start planning to make a shift in the situation.

Benefits You Get From Reactive Reputation Management:

  • The behavior of the consumer is ever-changing, and it is difficult to predict anything in advance. Once you realize your online reputation is getting affected, putting up reactive reputation strategies to use can save your business reputation from a further decline.
  • Some problems require immediate action. With a problem right in front of you, you can come up with more effective plans with reactive reputation management.

Which Is Suitable For Your Business?

Both reputation management strategies have different aspects that you must look into before adopting anyone. ORE online reputation management can assist you to become the best public relations firm online. We will select a management approach best suited to your business needs.

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